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  • 1. Income Analysis
  • 2. Tool Identification
  • 3. Income Planning
  • 4. Refund

Why Choose Fintoo’s Tax Planning


Comprehensive Tax Planning

Combining the innovative AI Technology with in-depth expert experience and knowledge, we deliver comprehensive tax planning solutions that not only help you to save tax, but also enable you to plan your tax for the entire year and create wealth in the long run.

Tax Planning For The Future

Apart from performing a detailed analysis of your current income, expenses and tax structure to maximise your current tax savings, we also pay exclusive attention to making logical assumptions about your income, expenses and your tax structure in the future and identifying the best avenues that will continue to help you save taxes even in the future.


Focusing on going beyond just tax saving and delivering comprehensive tax planning solutions, we at Fintoo also pay equal attention to guide you to at every step of the execution of the plan and will also guide you to even maintain cash flows to save taxes.

Completely Customised Tax Plan

As your income, expenses and tax structure is unique, we create a completely customised plan that gives you an extremely precise and accurate solution that not only enables you to achieve your tax-saving goals, but also creates a strong base for you to pursue your goals related to financial planning, retirement planning and wealth creation.

How Fintoo’s Customised Financial Planning Helps You To Achieve
Financial Security, Stability And Freedom.

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We Promise You Complete Secrecy And Security - Whether it is about your information or your investment we believe in protecting both using only the best of technology and expertise.


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing - While being confident about our security measures, we also believe in testing them for on-ground reality.


Cloud Infrastructure – When it’s about the security of your vital information, we believe that ‘the more the better.’ So, in addition to our privacy protection, we use AWS Cloud infrastructure to host all our operations in order to further enshield your information from any incident of information leak or loss.


Data Security – Believing in ‘prevention is better than cure’, we have developed an exclusive role-based access control system that uses OTP i.e One Time Password and Captcha Code to prevent any unauthorised individual from accessing the information.

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How can I save Income Tax?

The income tax department has given several ways to claim exemptions and deductions under several sections like 80C, 80G, 80D etc. To know more about tax savings in detail, please refer to our blog

Do I need to change my existing tax planning strategy?

Whether to change your existing tax planning strategy or not can only be decided after analysing your current strategy and exploring its potential to achieve your tax-saving goals. Along with our experts, you can also Re-Evaluate Your Tax Planning Strategy using the following details

Should the youngsters prefer assisted advisory or Robo Advisory for tax planning?

It is recommended that young investors can use the Robo Advisory tool for tax planning because of the following reasons;

How much can Section 80C help me in tax planning?

Section 80C is one of the most common tax-saving tools and here’s everything you need to know about tax saving under section 80C

Does tax planning mean tax avoidance or tax evasion?

No, tax planning, tax avoidance and tax evasion are completely different and here are the details