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Financial planning made easy with Robo-Fintoo, powered by AI which provides cash flow analysis, goal-based investment plan, asset allocation, tax planning, insurance planning & debt management.

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80000+ Customers | SEBI Registered | Unbiased Recommendations

Why AI-powered Financial Planning is Better?

Real-time updates on all your finances

Unbiased Advice and Recommendations

Personalized Guidance for Your Financial Goals

100% Data Privacy and Security

Create your financial health report and see the big picture. Get a deeper understanding of how your money is performing and create a roadmap to realize your dreams.

Your Super Power

Customized financial health report

Track all your money in one place

Tax planning and budgeting

Create financial goals such as retirement planning, childrens education and much more

Get investment advice matching your financial goals

Timely updates on status of your financial goals

Investment advice tailor made based on your financial status

Financial Planning and Wealth Management Simplified

Create an in-depth and personalized Financial Planning report after evaluating more than 100 data points
Applying our deep insights into the financial market to recommend products that match your financial needs, immediate and future
Your one source of truth is for savings, investments, liabilities and financial goals in one place

Account Protection

Secure and Encrypted

Your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.
Audited and certified by Bishop Fox (Google Security Partner) for our data security policies
Hosted securely on Amazon AWS Cloud
We are regulated.
SEBI Registered Investment Advisors Code: INA100012190
Secure transactions on Bombay Stock Exchange mutual fund platform: BSE Star
BSE member code: 24801
  • User accounts are OTP protected
  • User mobile app has biometric protection
  • Data is encrypted + SSL secured
  • Family accounts control
  • Strong privacy policy. Your data is never shared with a third party

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